Cocktail Socials (also known as: Networking Socials & Cocktail-Connections)

TechExecs Network is known for our comfortable atmosphere where you can come, relax and share your interests, opinions and knowledge without being judged by your peers.  One of the best platform for Knowledge Exchange is at our Cocktails-Connections "SOCIAL" functions. 

Each chapter host their Socials at different times and typically the Social Functions is scheduled once every 6 weeks and the socials are attended by an average of 40 ~ 150+ IT Practitioners.  Since TechExecs Social functions are open to everyone in IT, including solutions members and guests, the conversations seems even more lively than ever.

Being "plugged in" at work is great for your job, but, being "connected" to your peers in the industry guarantees your career!  Don't be left out, come join us at our next TechExecs Cocktail Socials and discover what you have been missing.

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Please Note:  TechExecs Network's IT Management Connect is an exclusive peer-level networking program for IT Management & CIOs.  Attendance to IT Management Connect Luncheons and Socials are exclusively for qualified  Information Technology Practitioners who are in an IT Management role.  Benefits include invitations to Peers-Connection Socials, Featured Speaker Luncheons & Dinners, Solutions Workshop, Private Theme Parties and access to Premium Services offered by TechExecs Network. 

Membership may be complimentary for qualified IT Management and CIOs for industry companies.